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Bowland are proud to be working with Rob, Lizzie and Family at Wild Fox Distillery based in Inglewhite, Lancashire. We are supplying their VOIP telephone system and broadband lines throughout the buildings on site at their farm based distillery.

Wild Fox Gin Distillery – Inglewhite, Lancashire.

Rob & Lizzie have both grown up within dairy farming families. From a young age they both knew that farming would feature heavily in their futures. Now Rob & Lizzie have set up home on Lizzie’s family farm in Inglewhite, Lancashire. There Rob works alongside his brother in law, John & mother and father in law Ann & Andrew milking a Holstein herd of 450. Robs passion has always been agricultural engineering’s which now comes in handy when running their still, Ivy.

Lizzie’s background is within food development so creating her own Gin using what the farm naturally has to offer has been a lifelong passion fulfilled. They aren’t short of help either, with every member of the family actively involved in the Gin crafting and the farming. They also have their own two helpers, their children; Annie and Betsy, they absolutely love farm life, and are British farming advocates! They also come in handy when picking the smaller fruits, little hands make light work!

Display Gin Distillery at Wild Fox Gin

Lizzie’s career was spent within the dairy industry in new product development, something which was much more than a job to her, instead a real passion for creating new products which met consumer ever changing needs but most importantly keeping ‘real produce’ at the heart of each new line.

For as long as Lizzie can remember Gin & Tonic was the staple ‘after milking drink’ for her parents which was then passed on to her and her siblings! Gin was not trendy nor were there hundreds to choose from, it was simply a high-quality spirit enjoyed with tonic, ice & a slice.

Our favourite Wild Fox Gin

It was Lizzie’s love for a good Gin that first sparked the idea to put her experience to good use and develop their own ‘Farm to Bottle’ Gin and with a wealth of fruits and botanicals growing in the farm orchard and surrounding hedge rows it was a no brainer to put them to good use.

In April 2019 and with all the trials done and new distillery housed, Lizzie and Rob were ready to go, all that was needed was a brand name, Wild Fox Distillery was not a hard choice, having two little red headed feral farm kids who have always been their own Wild Fox’s and without their arrival which changed Lizzie’s outlook on life, the Gin would never have been born.

The Wild Fox Gin Bar based in Inglewhite, Lancashire.

For more info or to order a bottle of gin online, visit Wild Fox Gin’s website –