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You will not be passed from pillar to post on the phones with us, our support team are ready to take your call.  Whether you are looking for advice on the fastest internet connection available at your property, or whether you are looking to find out the internet speed of a property you are moving into, we can help you.

We offer the following broadband services;

  • Fibre to the property
  • Fibre to the cabinet
  • Standard Broadband
  • 4G LTE Broadband
  • Radio Link Broadband
  • B4RN Community Broadband

We use the BT and LLU networks provided by Openreach, and work closely with OpenReach to provide the service that you need at your property.  Whether you live on your own and need a connection just to carry out general internet browsing right through to a household with XBOX, Playstation, Netflix and Zoom and Teams users, we can offer the complete solution.

If your property is based in an area that struggles with an internet connection through normal channels, we might be able to offer you an alternative solution such as Radio Link Broadband or 4G LTE Broadband (based on area availability).

Your connection speed can depend on the location of your property, as each area offers different connection styles.  Your area may be part of the superfast roll out government incentive, which may allow you to be able to claim for a government grant.

You can test your current internet speed by running the following speed test.  All you need to do is ensure that your laptop is PC is connected to your current home internet, then press GO…


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