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  • Your laptop may be running slow currently because your hard drive could be failing.  Our work may put strain on your hard drive which could make the hard drive fail completely.  Please ensure you BACK UP YOUR FILES before bringing your laptop in for repair.
  • Our warranty repairs cover hardware parts used only, Windows and Apple will regularly roll out updates and these updates can sometimes be the reason that software has issues.  We cannot control faults caused by vendor updates.
  • We will always advise you that you join our managed security platform, we cannot control future virus and hacking vulnerabilities without a subscription to our managed security platform.
  • If you are bringing in a laptop for repair, please bring the charger also.
  • We do not need you to bring in power cables, monitors, keyboards, mice etc if you are bringing in a desktop PC for repair (unless the PC has an unusual power supply type, if it does please bring this in to be sure).