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Bowland’s Partnership with Newline

In a significant stride towards enhancing interactivity in educational and business environments, Bowland has proudly announced its partnership with Newline. Whom are a global frontrunner in interactive touchscreen technology. This collaboration is poised to transform how businesses, schools, colleges, and charities across the UK engage with technology, offering a seamless blend of innovation and accessibility.

The Technology

Kicking off this exciting partnership, Bowland has recently completed its first installation of a Newline touchscreen at Assured Environmental Services in Gisburn, Lancashire. The installation features a 65-inch full 4K touchscreen display, elegantly mounted on a height-adjustable motorised floor stand. This setup is not just about the impressive hardware; it’s the beginning of a broader initiative. This initiative aims to integrate cutting-edge technology into various sectors, making interaction intuitive, productive, and engaging.

The Newline touchscreens are equipped with both Android and Windows software, offering unparalleled flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of applications and digital ecosystems. Whether it’s for collaborative projects in schools and colleges, innovative presentations in businesses, or interactive displays in charitable organisations, these touchscreens are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s dynamic environments.

Moreover, Newline’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive technology aligns perfectly with Bowland’s vision of bringing advanced technological solutions to every corner of the UK. Together, they are set on delivering interactive touchscreens that are not just tools, but catalysts for creativity, collaboration, and learning.

This partnership between Bowland and Newline marks the beginning of a new era of interactive technology in the UK. By combining Bowland’s local expertise with Newline’s global leadership in touchscreen technology, they are set to revolutionize the way organizations engage with digital content. As they continue to roll out these advanced solutions across various sectors, the potential for transformative change is boundless. Get ready to touch the future with Bowland and Newline’s interactive touchscreens.