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Recently, Oli and Jenna, directors of Bowland IT, were honored with a prestigious invitation to a charity event held at the Houses of Parliament in London. Organized by Burnley FC in the Community, the esteemed charity branch of Burnley Football Club, this event took place yesterday and showcased the organization’s renowned commitment to transformative community work.

The 10 Year Celebration charity event commemorated a decade of significant charitable impact, spotlighting the organization’s transformative efforts within society. This prestigious event served as a reflection on the profound changes enacted over ten years, showcasing heartfelt narratives and milestones that emphasized the charity’s unwavering dedication to community betterment. It also presented an opportunity to look ahead, revealing ambitious plans to further the charity’s reach and enhance its positive impact moving forward. This milestone celebration not only honored the achievements of Burnley FC in the Community thus far but also pledged a future of sustained commitment and growth, promising to continue making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Burnley FC in the Community

Burnley FC in the Community is synonymous with leveraging the influential power of football to enact positive change in people’s lives. With a presence that spans across Burnley, Pendle, Rossendale, the Ribble Valley, and West Yorkshire, their mission is brought to life through an array of over 50 community projects. The charity’s dedicated and dynamic team is a beacon of hope, touching lives from preschoolers to the elderly, ensuring no one is left behind.

This charity operates on the forefront of social intervention, categorizing its initiatives into three crucial sectors: Football, Sport, and Education; Welfare and Inclusion; and Community Facilities. Their efforts address a broad spectrum of societal issues, ranging from mental health and youth violence to cancer recovery and combating food scarcity. Their commitment is evident in the breadth and depth of programs offered, all tailored to meet the most pressing needs of their community.

Although Burnley FC in the Community embodies the spirit of Burnley FC, it stands financially independent. Its lifeblood flows from fundraising endeavors, donations, sponsorships, and grants, guaranteeing that every contribution is directly reinvested into crafting new prospects for the disadvantaged.

At its core, the charity’s values are the cornerstone of its success. These principles unite the Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers, propelling Burnley FC in the Community towards its vision of a better tomorrow. The invitation to Bowland IT directors to join this event not only highlights their significance but also offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the charity’s noble cause, reinforcing the collective mission to forge a brighter future for all.