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Chamber of Commerce Curry Club Held at Burnley Football Club

As a leading telecoms company, we at Bowland IT recently had the pleasure of attending the vibrant and forward-thinking Curry Club event, sponsored by the esteemed Forward Thinking consultancy and hosted by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. This unique gathering, set against the backdrop of Burnley Football Club, was not just about savoring the spicy delights of curry but also about stirring a pot of innovation and networking among local businesses.

Ollie Alcock, the Director of Bowland IT, regarded the Curry Club as an ideal platform for engaging with professionals and industry leaders sharing similar interests. The event boasted speakers like Lynette Ousby of ReStart Consulting, Celia Gaze from The Wellbeing Farm, and Chris Ball, a Sherpa Guide at Forward Thinking, whose presentations illuminated the vital roles of leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement in achieving business success.

The atmosphere of the Curry Club was charged with a spirit of collaboration and forward thinking. It offered a sizzling opportunity for Bowland IT to share our vision for the future of telecommunications. In turn allowing us to highlight how digital transformation and innovative solutions can drive growth and efficiency in today’s business environments. The event also underscored the importance of building strong community ties and the role of humor in business, as evidenced by the playful naan-disclosure agreement anecdote shared by Forward Thinking’s MD, Andy Henderson.

Upon reflection, the Curry Club emerged as more than a mere gathering; indeed, it served as a powerful testament to the value of unity, the exchange of knowledge, and the celebration of diversity and innovation. Moreover, for Bowland IT, this experience further solidifies our dedication to leading the way in telecommunications technology and, equally important, to nurturing a community in which businesses can actively prosper collaboratively.