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We would like to welcome Jenna Healey to Bowland IT as Accounts Director. Jenna joins Bowland with extensive experience working previously in accounts and administration in the motor trade industry and an IT distribution company.

Jenna joins us in January 2022 and is ready to bring a new lease of life to our accounts systems and accounts management throughout the company.

Jenna started her career at Motorpoint, the well known national car dealership. She worked her way up to a role at the highly reputable and locally well known, Attock Networks that manufacture and retail network products and data cabinets nationally. They are well known for their brand All Rack.

Jenna joins Bowland IT with extensive knowledge on data and network products, as well as understanding the demand on IT services following dealing with similar clients in her previous role.

This year, Jenna got engaged to our Company Founder, Oliver Alcock so she is already well known by the team and has been a none visible Director of the company for some time. As Bowland IT continues to grow, it made absolute sense for Jenna to join the company as an employee. Not only because of her connection with Oliver, but also because she can bring our company a new lease of life which will certainly give her the fuel to hit the ground running from day one.

Jenna joined Oliver at the BNI Zeus Christmas party this weekend just gone, and started to meet some of the familiar faces that we see regularly in our company.