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Your little ones deserve to be pampered too, and there is no better place for them to visit than Marshmallow Manor in Ormskirk. Whether you are ready for their first hair cut, or your daughter and her friends want a pamper day they will never forget, this place will be right up their street!

Once upon a time there was a Manor house run by kids!

The Marsh family are aristocrats in a long line of noble heritage. Two young siblings, Myla and Riley, run the estate how they see fit. The house is luxurious and opulent but the children have re-styled their home because “this place could do with some COLOUR, GAMES and most of all FUN!”

The children want to share their home with any kids that want to visit. “Come and be pampered”, “Sample the most wonderful sweets”, “Be served like royalty” and “Play with our stuff ”.

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Marsh Manor has been renamed to Marshmallow Manor!

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