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Bowland IT have proudly been awarded with the IT maintenance, data backup and cyber security contract with Preston Grinding and JM Tools based at Broughton, Preston.

In 1995, following the owners Success with JM Tools Ltd (established in 1983), John Milne decided to partner up with good friend and colleague Gary Fear to form Preston Grinding Ltd. Now celebrating nearly 26 years of business, the company now has more experience and skill than ever before.

With continued investment over the years in both training and machinery, Preston Grinding has secured repeat orders from the sectors such as Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive to name a few.

JM Tools Ltd was formed in 1983 by current owner and Managing Director, John Milne. The purpose of the business was to provide the booming local manufacturing industry a solution to their specialist tooling requirements and regrinding of existing tooling. JMT soon became a one stop shop for new cutters and regular regrinding of stock cutters, offering competitive prices, fast turnaround and a quality product.

Collecting a range of machinery and equipment since our humble beginnings in 1983, JMT has the capacity and skill to regrind most types of cutting tools. Keeping some of the older machines, they are able to offer low cost solutions for smaller volume work, however their state-of-the-art 5 Axis CNC Machines are up for the challenge of higher volumes and more complex designs.

JM Tool’s expertise at regrinding will reduce your need to purchase new replacement cutters, helping to reduce cost and cutting out delivery time making your job more profitable. They can also modify existing cutters to suit a new design if required. Whatever the challenge, their team of highly skilled engineers will be there to help.

Here is a list of Tool Building Services that JM Tools can offer;

Ball End Mill

Back Corner Rounder End Mill

Corner Rounding Cutter

Concave Radius Cutter

Chamfer Cutter – To a Point

Chamfer Tool – End Cutting

Double Angle Cutter

Dovetail Cutter

Dovetail Cutter with Reach

Dovetail Cutter with Neck Radius


Double Margin Straight Flute

Drill Mill

Die Sinking Cutter

Engraving Cutter – Tipped Off

Engraving Cutter – Pointed

Engraving Cutter – With Radius

End Mill

Lollipop Cutter


Spiral or Straight Flute Step Drill

Straight Flute Drill (2 Flutes)

T-Slot Cutter – Staggered Tooth

Tapered Ball Nose

Tapered End Mill

Woodruff Cutter