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Working from home may have been forced on us due to covid within the past 18 months, but how many people are going to end up not going back to working in the office? We have seen a massive influx of enquiries for internet in garden offices in homes. Some people have been prepared to go down the route of getting a second broadband line and signing into another two year contract, and some people have been initially thinking that they are going to need to have a cable trailing across at height between their house and their external buildings.

Today we have been working at a home in a remote village called Withgill which is located on the outskirts of Clitheroe. Our client has purchased and had professionally installed, a cedar wood clad garden office which he also uses for his gym.

Here is an image from inside the cedar clad garden office. Our client now has a full WIFI signal for their iMac and their WIFI heating system.
Wireless Bridge Install at a home in withgill. The yellow line in the photo shows the path that the nano beam wireless signal travels between.

Using Ubiquiti branded Nano Beams, we installed a beam wifi bridge system which uses line of sight technology. These products usually come in white as standard, and they aren’t available from the manufacturer in different colours. White isn’t always aesthetically pleasing, especially when they are being installed on a traditional home. We matched the colour of the guttering and the trim on the garden office up to a shade of matt black and had the nano beams professionally wrapped as shown in the image below.

Image shows the nano beam fitted to a drainpipe on the house. As you can see, the colour blends in really well, making this very unnoticeable.
Photo showing the nano beam fitted to the cedar clad garden office. We matched the colour to the trim surrounding the top of the building.

This system allowed our client to have a matching internet speed and service to their home. Whilst they were waiting for this system to be installed, they have been tethering their 4G internet from their phone. The main issue with this was that Zoom and Teams meetings would constantly buffer, along with slow internet browsing.

Image showing the external of the garden building. The Ubiquiti nano beam can also be seen in the photo.

Whether you are using BT, Virgin, PlusNet, Boundless, Wave, B4RN, or any other provider, this system will work for you, and will not increase your monthly broadband cost. Your broadband provider does not need to be informed about this system, hence your broadband service will not need to be changed.

For a quote on internet for your garden office, give us a call on 0800 689 0099 or email