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Business Managed IT Services

Here at Bowland IT we are a premier provider of managed IT services, offering total support for businesses to run smarter and more secure. We focus on minimizing downtime, enhancing IT security, and delivering complete management and support for your network. Our services include managed servers, workstations, 24×7 advanced network monitoring, proactive maintenance, and patch management. Additionally, we offer managed security, backup, and layered security & backup for comprehensive protection. We also provide remote help desk, onsite support, and strategic IT consulting, all for a fixed monthly price, making us a reliable, cost-effective IT partner for businesses.

Microsoft Office 365

Among our cloud-based solutions is Microsoft Office 365, which offers seamless, flexible productivity tools for businesses. It enhances collaboration and communication across teams, providing access to familiar applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from anywhere. This service ensures data security and reliability, facilitating efficient workflow and data management. Tailored to meet diverse business needs, it’s an ideal solution for modern, dynamic work environments.

VOIP Business Phone Systems

VOIP Business Phone Systems offer advanced, cost-effective communication solutions for businesses. These systems provide enhanced features over traditional phone systems, including better call quality, scalability, and flexibility. They are ideal for modern businesses seeking efficient and reliable communication tools and due to these systems facilitating improved connectivity, they aid in providing seamless communication both within the company and with clients.

Ultra-Fast Business Broadband

Our Ultra-Fast Business Broadband services, ensure high-speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses. This service is crucial for modern enterprises, supporting seamless online operations, from cloud services to communication. It’s designed to meet the demands of various business sizes, offering consistent, high-quality internet access. This enhances overall productivity and supports a wide range of digital activities essential for business growth and efficiency.

Off Site Data Backup Services

Our Off-Site Data Backup Services offer robust, secure solutions to protect critical business data. These services ensure business continuity by safeguarding against data loss due to system failures or cyber threats. With off-site storage, data is securely backed up and easily recoverable, providing peace of mind and resilience against unforeseen events, so this service is essential for businesses prioritizing data security and operational stability.

Microsoft Azure Hosted Desktop

Microsoft Azure Hosted Desktop service provides a flexible, secure, and efficient virtual desktop experience. It allows users to access their desktop environments from anywhere, offering scalability and robust security features, therefore this service is ideal for businesses seeking a reliable cloud-based solution for remote work and data accessibility. It simplifies IT management while ensuring data safety and operational continuity.

Why Switch To Us?

Since 2014, we have been an official IT Support contract provider for Lancashire County Council, earning a reputation for providing comprehensive IT support, security, and services. Our offerings are comparable to those historically available to larger, blue-chip companies, encompassing a full range of end-to-end IT solutions. Our Pricing starts from £25 + VAT per month, meaning we can offer versatile support services to a wide range of businesses, whether they operate from home, traditional office settings, factories, or even on the go from their vans.

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