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Attending the BFC in the Community partner lunch and launch of the 2022/23 Impact Report was an inspiring experience. As a representative of a local company, the event provided us with a deep insight into the extensive charitable work undertaken by Burnley FC in the Community. 

The Impact Report highlighted over 50 programs, addressing a wide array of needs from youth football to senior health and wellbeing projects, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to making a real difference in the community. The initiatives like Claret in Mind and Schools’ Mental Wellbeing Project particularly stood out, emphasizing mental health support. The report also showcased the impressive reach of The Leisure Box, Whitehough Outdoor Centre, and the Burnley FC in the Community Foodbank. The lunch was a celebration of community spirit and a testament to the powerful impact collaborative efforts can have. It was a privilege to be part of such a meaningful gathering and to see first-hand the positive change being made in the region. 

For more information, visit the BFC in the Community website here.