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In a groundbreaking announcement, Openreach has unveiled plans to significantly boost broadband speeds across the UK from April 2024. This ambitious upgrade is set to revolutionize internet connectivity by potentially doubling the current maximum speeds for numerous households. The initiative underscores a pivotal moment in addressing the growing demand for faster and more reliable internet services, reflecting on the current average broadband speeds that users experience. Additionally, this move not only promises to enhance user experience with quicker downloads and smoother streaming but also positions the UK at the forefront of digital innovation and connectivity.

Openreach Infrastructure

Openreach plays a crucial role in the UK’s broadband landscape, operating as the infrastructure backbone that supports a vast network of internet services across the country. This entity is responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the physical broadband network, including the cables and cabinets that enable internet connectivity for millions of homes and businesses. A wide array of internet service providers, including major names like BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, and Plusnet, rely on Openreach’s network to deliver their broadband services to customers. This partnership undoubtedly underlines Openreach’s central position in ensuring widespread access to high-speed internet across the UK.

Speed Upgrade

Their latest initiative to double broadband speeds up to a maximum of 1.8Gbps from the existing cap of 900Mbps marks a significant leap forward in the UK’s internet capabilities. This enhancement is expected to dramatically transform user experiences, facilitating ultra-fast downloads and in turn enabling higher-quality streaming without the frustration of buffering. Such a development not only meets the increasing demands for robust internet performance due to the surge in remote work, online gaming, and digital streaming but subsequently also sets a new standard for connectivity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital communication and entertainment.

Competitor Comparison

The upgrade to a maximum of 1.8Gbps will represent a monumental shift when contrasted with the current UK average broadband speed, significantly elevating the benchmark for internet services. Consequently, this leap forward not only showcase Openreach’s commitment to enhancing the UK’s digital infrastructure but also will place the company in a competitive stance against other providers like Virgin Media, known for its high-speed offerings. This development therefore signals a transformative phase in the broadband industry, promising to redefine user expectations and experiences with internet speed and reliability.


The eligibility for Openreach’s new broadband speeds will primarily depend on the geographical coverage of their full-fibre network. Customers located in areas already served by Openreach’s full-fibre infrastructure are likely to be among the first to access the upgraded speeds. This implies a need for a full-fibre connection to be in place, highlighting the ongoing push towards upgrading the UK’s digital infrastructure to full-fibre. This move is part of a broader effort to ensure more homes and businesses can benefit from the highest possible internet speeds.

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