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Our Managing Director Jenna Healey has recently become a new mum this year to baby Harry, but this super women doesn’t stop there, she also gets nominated for an award with The Northern Power Women Awards 2023.

Jenna has an extensive background in business, which started with her owning her own beauty company when she left school, following training as as a beautician. She moved into business administration and customer service at Motorpoint for many years before starting in the IT industry. Jenna began working in IT in 2017 working for Attock Network Products LTD (famous for the All Rack brand of data cabinets). Jenna became knowledgeable in networking, and her previous experience in administration, sales and customer service allowed her to excel within the role. Jenna is now one of our Managing Directors at Bowland IT.

Northern Power Awards is no ordinary business community. NPA are a catalyst for driving real change, paying it forward, uniting businesses and individuals. Northern Power Women is a community of over 70,000 individuals that uses their power for good. Dedicated to accelerating gender equality and social mobility from the North of England.

As our community of disruptors and trailblazers grew, it soon became clear that the talent and resilience in the North needed celebrating. So, in 2016, the very first Northern Power Women Awards was launched, where superstars who work tirelessly to create a fairer and more equal community were spotlighted.

Northern Power Awards believe in the PoWEr of highlighting the trailblazing individuals and organisations who are taking action and making impact to accelerate gender equality, especially as we are seeing the set backs to the gender agenda as a result of the pandemic. This is not a time to slow down.

Since 2016, the Awards has hit the top 5 UK trending # multiple times over, and at last year’s awards we made a staggering 25million impressions across social media.

To find out more about nominating powerful women that you know, or if you wish to get in touch with Northern Power Awards to sponsor events, visit their website –