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Bowland IT | IT Hardware Leasing

Bowland IT’s IT hardware leasing service is a superb option for businesses looking for cost-effective and flexible solutions to their technology needs. we offer a wide range of IT hardware for lease, including desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, and WIFI systems, which are ideal for various sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, education, and hospitality. The leasing terms, ranging from 24 to 60 months, are designed to suit different business requirements and budgets, with no document fees, ensuring a smooth and affordable process. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking to maintain cash flow while accessing the latest IT equipment. Moreover, Bowland IT provides comprehensive support including performance monitoring, proactive maintenance, and patch management, ensuring that businesses always have reliable and up-to-date technology.

Neither a Broker nor a Lender

Operating for 13 years, we specialize in IT hardware and offer IT hardware leasing in Burnley, including software licenses. At Bowland IT, we focus on providing high-value, reliable IT equipment that meets the specific needs of businesses. While we’re not a broker or lender, we facilitate connections between my clients and leasing providers. Engaging in a lease agreement means clients have a relationship with both our company and the leasing provider, who depend on businesses like us for delivering hardware.

Short Lifespan of IT Devices

IT hardware, much like a vehicle, is a depreciating asset. Leasing IT hardware is akin to vehicle leasing in terms of tax savings and value preservation, but with the advantage of not tying up capital in rapidly depreciating assets. This approach frees up funds for investment in more productive areas such as marketing and business growth, offering a smarter financial strategy for managing resources.

IT Equipment Specifics

At Bowland IT, we offer comprehensive assistance with IT Hardware Leasing. Our range includes various desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, WIFI routers and systems, network switches, firewall products, printers, scanners, and more. We collaborate with numerous renowned brands like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Ubiquiti, Netgear, Epson, Lexmark, among others, ensuring a wide selection of quality options to meet diverse business needs.

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