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We are now offering not one but two freebies with all laptop and desktop PC repairs. Not only will we collect your device and return it to you for FREE, (sometimes same day), we will also provide a complimentary 10 Point Health Check with all repairs.

What does the 10 Point Health Check include?

  • 1 INTERNAL SERVICE – We will access the internals of your Laptop or Desktop PC, and clean out any debris and dust that has collected over the years. This will prevent overheating and performance lagging.
  • 2 – RAM RESEATING – We often find that Ram issues can occur that can be repaired by just removing the ram and re-fitting. We will do this as part of this health check to avoid future costs for this repair.
  • 3 – VIRUS SCAN – Subscribers to our managed anti virus services will receive a remote daily scan by our technicians as standard anyway, however we realise some users will subscribe to other providers that require user input to carry out scans and checks. We will do this on your behalf.
  • 4 – MALWARE BYTES – We will check your laptop for any unwanted malware, we do this by installing Malware Bytes software to scan and remove. We will remove the software upon completion to avoid this conflicting with your anti virus.
  • 5 – BURN IN TEST – We will run Burn In Testing software. This will check that your hardware performs well under pressure, especially checking your graphics card capability.
  • 6 SOFTWARE UPDATE CHECK – We will check that all installed software is up to date and supported by your operating system. Out of date software can cause security threats.
  • 7 – WINDOWS VERSION CHECK – We will check that no service packs and Operating System releases are available. If they are we will run these.
  • 8 – POWER CHECK – We will check visuals of your Power Supply on the PC or Laptop to ensure it is safe and hasn’t been tampered with previously.
  • 9 – BIOS CHECK– We will check that your BIOS has no firmware releases available to install, we will also ensure that boot modes that aren’t used are disabled to speed up the boot up.
  • 10 – NETWORK AND WIFI TEST – We will test that your WIFI and Network card runs at the optimum speed, and we will check for any hardware updates that are available.