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From its humble beginnings in Oliver Alcock’s back bedroom in 2013 to becoming a cornerstone in the IT and telecoms industry, Bowland IT’s journey is a testament to innovation, perseverance, and the power of a visionary team. As we celebrate a decade of Bowland IT, let’s take a moment to look back at the remarkable milestones and achievements that mark its journey.

Humble Beginnings to Industry Stalwarts

Founded on the principles of providing unparalleled IT support, Bowland IT started as a small venture in Burnley, Lancashire. What began in a back bedroom quickly outgrew its origins, moving locations and even opening a retail premise—though this chapter was brief due to the absolute struggle to conquer the monopoly that Currys stores holds within the retail market. The company’s evolution from Bowland IT Support to Bowland IT & Telecoms reflects its expanding expertise and the broadening scope of services offered.

A Decade of Growth and Diversification

Over the years, Bowland IT has not only grown in size but in stature, now supporting over 400 contracted clients, including multi-million-pound turnover firms across a variety of industries. This remarkable growth is a tribute to the quality and dedication of the team Bowland IT has assembled. Their expertise and commitment have been central to the company’s year-on-year growth.

Expanding Horizons

Bowland IT’s reputation for excellence has transcended local boundaries, allowing it to work with two PLCs and several international firms. This global footprint is a significant achievement, showcasing the company’s ability to compete on the world stage.

A Full Spectrum of Services

The range of services offered by Bowland IT & Telecoms is comprehensive, encompassing IT, Telecoms, Cybersecurity, Data Backup, 5G Data, VOIP Phone Systems, Fibre Broadband, Leased Lines, and Mobile Phone SIMs for businesses. This broad array of services ensures that Bowland IT & Telecoms is a one-stop solution for businesses looking for reliable and innovative IT and telecommunications solutions.

The Birth of Device Doctor

A noteworthy highlight in Bowland IT’s journey is the establishment of its sister company, Device Doctor, which extends IT services to the residential market. This expansion not only illustrates Bowland IT’s versatility but also its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele.

Looking to the Future

As we celebrate this 10-year milestone, it’s clear that Bowland IT’s journey is far from over. The company’s ongoing success is a clear indication of its resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking approach. With a decade of innovation, growth, and excellence behind it, Bowland IT & Telecoms is poised for even greater achievements in the years to come.

A Decade of Dedication

The ten-year anniversary of Bowland IT is not just a celebration of the company’s past but an affirmation of its future potential. Oliver Alcock’s vision, coupled with the team’s hard work and dedication, has transformed Bowland IT & Telecoms into a leading player in the IT and telecoms industry. Here’s to the next decade of innovation, growth, and success. Congratulations, Bowland IT, on a remarkable ten years!