We are just trying to make money out of something you can just buy off the shelf at PC World, right?

You could just avoid involving Bowland IT or get your Dad’s mate in who setup his own router at home, install the same router for you, and off you go – just like at home… It isn’t that simple!

There are many factors to consider such as filling large open spaces with signal? Avoid black spots? Get enough bandwidth for your team to actually use it properly?

Overcoming these sticking points can open up a world of internet-based tools and systems to send your warehouse productivity sky high.

Why is warehouse WiFi so important?

It’s worth going over the reasons reliable WiFi in your warehouse can be so useful. And why you should be actively looking into warehouse WiFi solutions if you’re struggling to set it up effectively.

First of all:

The systems and tools you’re missing out on by not having WiFi at all could be holding your business back. Leaving customers with delayed, missed or inaccurate orders from mistakes in the warehouse.

This can help your team get through a mass amount more orders each day compared to manual processes, and bring errors down to almost zero. But strong WiFi is a must to make it work.


Having poor quality WiFi can lead to black spots in your warehouse. Meaning any digital systems or tools you do have can end up not working in certain areas – making them a waste of money in some cases.

So how well your warehouse performs (and by extension, how good of an experience you give your customers) can be majorly impacted by the quality of WiFi you have.

Take signal blockers into account

It’s not just about getting signal into an empty warehouse. The signal will need to spread through whatever is being stored in your facility too.

Think about:

  • The items themselves (e.g. signal will pass through a warehouse storing pillows better than one storing vehicle parts).
  • Racking, shelving and wooden pallets.
  • Any other items or objects in the warehouse that could block or distort signal.

You’ll need to take these things into account when considering the quality, quantity and placement of your access points.

Don’t forget outside

Your warehouse WiFi should stretch as far as is possibly needed – and this includes any outside areas.

Are there any forklifts or vehicles being taken outside with onboard computers needing WiFi? Do you need WiFi outside to book in new stock coming in?

These are questions you need to take into account when planning your WiFi setup.

Final thoughts

Finding warehouse WiFi solutions is essential if you want your operation to keep up with the times.

You need to be able to take advantage of internet-dependent tools like stock systems and automatic stock selection. If you can’t, your competitors sure will at some point (if not already).

If your Warehouse based firm is in the market for a WIFI solution that is reliable and covers all areas of need, look no further than contacting Bowland IT on 0800 689 0099 or email info@bowlandit.co.uk