For fast Internet access that won’t slow down, even during peak traffic periods, a Leased line is the ideal choice. A Leased line can be used for a variety of business applications such as Hosting, Internet VPN, VoIP and SIP.

If you rely on successful, smooth and fault-free Internet, a Leased line is for you. It suits a wide variety of companies, especially those who run business-critical applications over the Internet. Using copper or fibre, Leased lines deliver the highest quality service availability, data transfer and Internet security.

A Leased line service is a larger investment for a business than a standard broadband connection, but the benefits could easily out-weigh the costs.

  • High speed Internet guaranteed
  • Internet always available, 24/7/365
  • Only pay for the bandwidth you need
  • Fast data streaming with a range of guaranteed upload speeds

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